Treatments and Prices

Treatments & Prices

Initial Consultation £45.00
This will take approximately one and a half to two hours and involves a full static and dynamic assessment.

Static Assessment – Observation of the horses conformation from all angles, checking asymmetry of muscles, palpation of the neck, back and pelvis to check whether there is any muscular tension that the horse may be holding and any heat or changes in muscle tone.

Dynamic Assessment – Observation at walk, trot and gait analysis. This potentially can show any areas of unlevelness and any restrictions in the horses movement may indicate tension.

Once all observations have been completed treatment and stretching will take place this could involve sports massage, MFR (Myofascial release) and other soft tissue treatments, these are all individually tailored to the horses requirements.

After care advice and exercises will also be discussed with the client to benefit the horses progress.

Follow Up Visit £45.00
Follow up treatments may be required for remedial or maintenance massage. If your horse requires specific treatment it may be for 5-6 weeks. Otherwise may only be required 4 times a year. This follows the above regime including treatment and stretching.

Pre Event Massage £15.00
Helps to loosen up the muscles and warm them up to prepare for competition and reduce injuries. Can be done 4hrs before the event.

Post Event Massage £20.00
Helps to reduce stiffness and speed up recovery after competition.

Discounts offered for two or more horses, booked on the same day at the same yard. Discounts also offered for group bookings.

Discount offered on pre bookings and payment of 4 massages after the initial consultation (these can be taken over 12 months)

Mileage charged at current rate over 10 miles radius of Bodmin.

Please keep visiting the page for current special offers coming up.